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BevTech Europe
10 September 2020

BevTech Europe

The 2020 edition of the ISBT European regional meeting will be held as a webinar on 10 September 2020 from 14:00 to 18:00 Central European Time.

Future Requirements, Solutions, and Uncertainties in the Beverage Industry: Lessons Drawn from Managing Global Supply Chains During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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  • The 2020 edition of the ISBT European regional meeting will take place on Thursday the 10th of September 2020 from 14:00 to 18:00 Central European Time. Unlike previous years, we will gather and socialize on a virtual platform.
  • Online registration is now open. Please register here. All participants must be ISBT members and be registered in order to participate.
  • The Call for Papers is now closed, and the preliminary program is now available.
  • All confirmed speakers must submit their abstract, bio, headshot, and presentation by August 10, 2020. You may contact the ISBT Office if you need the link to upload or any assistance.
  • All presentations will be pre-recorded to ensure optimal conference experience and followed by a live Q&A session with each speaker.
  • This year's virtual conference will span a total of 4 hours, including:
    • Five presentations. Each presentation with be 20 minutes (live or pre-recorded) + 10 minutes questions/discussions live with the presenter.
    • One live panel discussion by some of the most influential specialists in the industry. This 60-minute discussion will highlight the learning gained from managing COVID-19 impacts at different stages of the supply chain.
    • Two virtual "coffee breaks" with about 10 minutes allocated for each break.
  • For the live panel discussion, speakers are free to talk about their experiences in managing their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic but other subjects are also welcome, such as
    • Sanitation of Fountain Systems in a Retail Environment
    • Global Quality Standardization vs. Regional Approach Implementation
    • Smart Use of Manufacturing and Quality Data
    • Quality and Safety Management
    • The need to launch new products / applications / packaging quickly versus proper testing


Members may for free. Non-members may join and attend at the introductory rate of USD$250, including one year's membership.


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Preliminary Programme

This year's program content continues a great tradition of balanced representation from ISBT's Technical Committees.


Check out the topics and speakers in the Preliminary Program.

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A brief overview of BevTech Europe

To enhance the promotion, development, and dissemination of knowledge relating to the art and science of beverage technology for the non-alcoholic beverage industry in Europe.

  • Provide networking and industry collaboration opportunities for members that are not able to attend the main BevTech annual meeting in the US.
  • Enable the international perspective and relevance of the society the "I" in ISBT.
  • Focus on technical areas of the beverage industry that have the most relevance to Europe.

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