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Technical Committees

Technical Committees

Technical Committee activities include preparation of papers and seminars for presentation at the Annual Meeting, preparation of industry manuals, quality guidelines and procedures, discussion of mutual technical issues new packaging and new equipment developments, etc. Much of the Technical Committees' work is accomplished by the members outside of the actual meetings.

Each Technical Committee holds a committee forum during the Annual Meeting. Committee forums are scheduled in groupings to permit participation in three Technical Committees, if desired. We encourage active participation by members in at least one Technical Committee.

It is most beneficial to ISBT members and to their company for the member to be an active participant in ISBT's Technical Committees and Subcommittees. This is where the work is done. This is where new voluntary guidelines and test methods are developed. This is where new ingredients, processes, equipment and packages are discussed. This is where issues are solved. To receive the most benefit from your ISBT membership - Be a participant. Be active.

There is a Technical Committee covering every phase of the industry.

The Committees are:

Beverage and Ingredient R&D Retail Equipment and Fountain Technology
Beverage Gases Sanitation and Microbiological Control
Beverage Operations and Processing Sweetener
Packaging Technology Water Quality & Treatment