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Sally Potter Awarded ISBT's "Circle of Honor" Lifetime Achievement Award

The Circle of Honor is the ISBT's highest honor and has only been awarded 13 times in the 67-year history of the Society. Each of the recipients have demonstrated selfless dedication and leadership to further the efforts of ISBT and the beverage industry over their careers.

President of ISBT, Dr. Manus Mitchell, has announced that Sally Potter has been recognized with the ISBT Circle of Honor! The exemplary leadership that Sally has provided the society and industry will be memorialized through this award. Thanks to Sally, we see the continued growth and successes of ISBT and the Beverage Institute by ISBT long into the future! Sally is a hugely deserving recipient of this lifetime achievement award.

Sally has a long record of successful service with the ISBT.

We thank Sally for her distinguished service to the society and industry, and we wish her continued success in her retirement with her husband, two children, and three beautiful grandchildren.

Circle of Honor Award
Circle of Honor Award