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ISBT Success Stories

Stefanie Ringo, Cargill, Inc.
Technical Services Senior Supervisor

The Publication of the Carbon Dioxide and High Fructose Syrup Guidelines

Stefanie Ringo

The ISBT has had a very positive influence on my professional career, as well as helped my company. I joined the ISBT in 1997, and started a new position at Cargill as a Technical Services Manager supporting our corn sweetener and carbon dioxide product lines. ISBT provided me with immediate access to technical professionals in the bottling industry, as well as a venue to ask questions and solve problems.

For my company, the publication of the carbon dioxide and high fructose corn syrup guidelines provided uniform, peer-reviewed guidelines which were previously missing, but needed for the industry. The publication of the carbon dioxide and high fructose corn syrup guidelines has been invaluable. As a global company, Cargill has production plants and customers throughout the world. The standardization of product specifications and handling criteria has been very important to us and our customers.

It is very rewarding to have achieved industry standardization through collaborative work. Alignment on quality parameters, testing methods, and storage and handling concerns has allowed us to improve the quality of our ingredients, packaging materials, and final beverage products. The ISBT technical committee forums continue to provide us with a venue to raise questions and work collaboratively to solve problems.

I have been very fortunate to have had ISBT mentors throughout my membership. Larry Hobbs, Isabelle Kamishlian, Bert Marlow, Dan Bena, and John Wisler are supporters who helped me understand how the society functions, and introduced me to members with similar areas of interest and encouraged me to take on leadership roles.

The ISBT has provided me personally with leadership skills that have served me well throughout my career. Leading technical committee meetings, authoring guidelines, and ultimately serving as president of the society are some of the most rewarding memories of my career, as are the colleagues I have met and continue to work with.

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